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5 Signs You’re An Absolute Food Junkie

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From sweet and spicy to salty and nutty, here at Sukhothai Miami Beach, we are flat out food junkies. Amongst the vibrant and diverse culture of sunny Miami Beach, we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by flavorful bites and mouth-watering desserts. Grab your chopsticks and keep reading to discover if you’re a fellow food junkie.

It’s never enough

One bite never satisfies.

Who are we kidding? One plate isn’t even enough!

Food junkies always order multiple plates. Everyone needs a few choices, and in order to experience every aspect of a restaurant’s menu, you need to indulge in various flavors. Order two to three plates and share with the table or take home the leftovers. The next day, you can reminisce about the flavor-packed experience you just can’t get enough of.

You crave heavenly flavor

The last thing a foodie will do is accept flavorless, bland food. Life is about enjoying the unique flavors, textures, and smells that food brings to the table. A food junkie is passionate about searching for the perfect flavors. Whether it is wild and loud flavors that make your taste buds dance or it’s a soft and delicate flavor that tells a story, foodies are always on the hunt for a harmonious, heavenly flavor.

Your favorite date: eating

If your favorite thing to do on a date is get something to eat, you qualify as a hardcore foodie. Welcome to the club!

Every date needs a little zest! If you’re hunting for the premium date spot, Sukhothai Miami Beach has a diverse and rich menu that will make any terrible date absolutely worth it. Whether you’re in the mood for something simple yet divine, like shrimp fried rice or something innovative and exciting, like sushi pizza, we’ve got you covered.

Your phone eats first

Instagram is full of passionate foodies dedicated to feeding their phone before feeding themselves. If social media didn’t see it, did you really eat it? Probably not.

If your Instagram profile is an extensive line up of food pictures, if you must Snapchat your meal before you dive in, or if food blogging is your guilty pleasure, we will kindly admit you as a food junkie. If it weren’t for your perfect food pictures, precise angles, and the ultimate lighting exploring food wouldn’t be half as exciting.

If there’s food, you’ll go

“Is there going to be food?”


“I’m in,” says the food junkie.

The kind of person who will go just about anywhere just because there’s food involved is the ultimate food junkie. Next time there’s an event to attend and no promised food involved, order Sukhothai to go.

We’re not judging you; we’re applauding you.

As a fellow food junkie, we invite you to dine with us. Whether you’re in the mood for some fusion sushi tacos or some dynamite wakame, there is something for every foodie at our Miami Beach restaurant. Experience all of the aromatic flavors of Asian fusion and the delectable sushi combinations the Sukhothai Miami Beach menu has to offer.

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