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Asian Fusion Without the Fuss: Sukhothai is the Go-To Casual Sushi Spot 

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Asian Fusion sounds delicious, but also fancy, doesn’t it?  Of course, it doesn’t have to be fancy – just yummy. And that’s what you’ll find at Sukhothai, a chic Sushi and Asian fusion restaurant in Miami Beach. We’re talking Asian Fusion without the fuss: Sukhothai is the go-to casual sushi spot. Fancy chandeliers? Nope. Just hip, casualness, mixed in with excellent customer service, and of course the best Asian fusion food you’ll find in South Florida.

Enjoy Asian Food with a Latin Twist

Welcome to the best Asian Fusion restaurant in Miami Beach! Our menu is filled with so many excellent choices. Our specialty is Asian fusion with a Latin twist. That’s how we roll in South Beach! Try our Dynamite Tostones: 2 sandwiches of green plantains, with avocado and krab salad, torched salmon,  and both spicy and cilantro mayo. And that’s just for starters!

Everyone loves Thai food, and there’s plenty of room for everyone’s taste buds at our table! Vegans would enjoy our Vegan Sushi Tacos with corn tortillas (soft or hard shell), green mix, carrot noodles, guacamole, cilantro, and kimchee citrus aioli. We can modify your order to your liking. For example, if you love Crispy Orange Peel, cooked in a wok, the most important cooking tool in Asian restaurants – we can easily prepare that with fried tofu, instead of chicken.

Did Someone Say Sushi?

Our impressive and eclectic sushi choices – Spider Roll, Crazy Eel Roll, Kamasutra Roll, and more, will leave you craving for more. Raw fish from around the globe never tasted better! We put the WOW factor in our sushi combinations. This sounds like a daily Sukhothai sushi roll stop might be in your future!

Tasty Meals Without the Fuss

Most of us are really busy these days, trying to get our hustle on. Who has time to sit and wait on a good meal to be prepared – especially if you’re on your lunch break or want to grab something quick and casual, yet a tasty and healthy meal? Not many of us. And most “fast food” eateries will derail your diet or other healthy eating goals. But you can enjoy healthy, casual sushi and more, here at Sukhothai.

How About A Good Deal or Two?

Do you like deals? Great – so do we! You’ll find lots of goodies  – coupons and deals when you sign up for deals on our website. We also offer Quick Deals – translation: freebies, if you place an online order for $15.00 or more. And finally, we have a cool feature called Group Order, which lets your whole team add their own order. Of course, you can always call us and place your order, as well.

Fancy or Not, You’re Welcome Here!

We love meeting our guests, and again, we’re pretty casual around here. But hey – if you want to put on your fancy clothes just for us and wear your favorite hat that rivals the ones elegant ladies wear to the Kentucky Derby – or even if you want to stop by and grab a snack in your wedding gown and tuxedo after your beach wedding – that’s fine with us! We’re just happy to feed you!

Delicious Asian Fusion Food On-The-Go

We offer delicious fancy food, without the fancy prices, here in hot, trendy South Beach. Stop by and see us, and get the best Asian Fusion without the fuss: Sukhothai is the go-to casual sushi spot. We look forward to serving you foodies – fancy or not – who are looking for a tasty, healthy quick bite in Miami Beach.