Reasons to Leave Sukothai Stir Fry Cooking to the Pros

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stir fry cooking
Let’s talk good food – especially Thai food. There’s nothing better than enjoying a delicious, Asian Fusion stir fry meal at your favorite restaurant. You crave those popping flavors long after you’ve left the restaurant.  One day, you decide you’re going to duplicate the stir-fry dish at home. You Google “best stir fry recipes” and […]

Three Original Ways to Impress Your Tinder Date

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tinder date dinner
So, you’ve met that special someone on Tinder. You may have taken it further than simply swiping right. You may have even pushed the blue star, indicating that you really like them. You “super like” them. This person really impressed you. Nice! And now it’s time for you to impress them with an amazing dining […]

Ring in the Chinese New Year at an Asian Fusion Restaurant

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chinese new year
Happy Chinese New Year South Florida! Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year, is a celebration that evokes images of colorful costumes and festive dancing. If you are planning on celebrating this fantastic time of the year, here’s why you should ring in the Chinese New Year at an Asian-Fusion restaurant like […]

The Difference Between a Maki Roll and a Hand Roll

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maki roll vs hand roll
Remember the days when you wanted sushi, and everyone knew what that was? It’s just sushi, right? And for many people, the California Roll comes to mind. But now there is a variety of sushi rolls – Sashimi, Maki, Temaki, Uramaki, and Nigiri. It can be a bit confusing, especially if you don’t eat sushi […]

The Most Instagrammable Spots in South Beach

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best South Beach locations for Instagram
Beautiful beach adorned with sprawling palm trees and beautiful people. Art deco hotels. And don’t forget the amazing sunsets. What is there not to like about South Beach?  Not surprisingly, pictures taken in South Beach are a popular theme on social media, especially on Instagram. It’s one of the most photographed parts of Miami. Say, […]

Hotter Than Wasabi: Spicy Asian-Fusion Dishes

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asian fusion dishes
Hot and spicy – two words that best describe Wasabi, one of the most popular condiments used in Japanese cooking in moderation.  That’s because it’s hot – really HOT! Here at Sukhothai in South Beach, that’s just one of the ingredients that add fuel to the spicy flavors found in some of our dishes. What […]

Eating Asian Food Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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eat based on your zodiac sign
What food are you in the mood to eat right now? Would you believe it if we told you your answer depends on your zodiac sign? The connection between your zodiac sign and food choices is all the rage right now, so here at Sukhothai in South Beach, we thought – why not? With that […]

Top 5 Places To Visit In South Beach

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places to visit in south beach
Known for its nightlife, culture, art-deco style, and great food, South Beach Miami is the place to be. For over 50 years, this “sun and fun and capital of the world” has seen a lot of change but has remained of the most iconic places worldwide. With shops lining the roads, beautiful sunsets occurring every […]

5 Ingredients that Give Sushi an Extra Kick

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5 Ingredients that Give Sushi an Extra Kick
There is sushi, and then there is SUSHI – with a kick. Spicy Sushi fans know the difference. Our amazing and talented chefs here at Sukhothai in South Beach can turn it up a notch or two or three, with everything from chili oil to chili flakes to pepper flakes and Sriracha. We wanted to […]