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Dining on a Diet: 10 Keto-Approved Sushi & Asian Fusion Dishes

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We know the deal – new year, new you – and we love it! Many people put diets and eating better, along with getting more fit, at the top of their goal list when ushering in a new year. We get that here at Sukhothai Miami Beach, and we can definitely help you stay on track – at least on the food tip. Check out our list of 10 Keto-Approved Sushi & Asian Fusion Dishes. 

Keto and Asian Dishes are a Perfect Match

The popular Keto Diet, short for the Ketogenic Diet is a very low-carb, high-fat eating plan. And it’s a big fan favorite. Social Media posts are all abuzz about how the Keto Diet works well for weight loss. We’re all in and have you covered. You can eat healthy at Sukhothai and easily stay on plan, while filling-up and fueling-up on delicious food. Our eclectic, Asian Fusion-inspired menu features a number of amazing Keto-approved Asian dishes, that everyone can enjoy.

Our Menu Spells Keto

Now – let’s get this straight. On the Keto plan some of the foods you can eat include the following, which make up a big part of our menu:

  • Healthy meats such as steak, pork, ribs, and chicken, along with fatty fishes, such as salmon and tuna. Check!
  • Low-carb vegetables: most green vegetables, and cabbage, cauliflower, avocado, tomatoes, onions, peppers, etc. Check!
  • Condiments: Salt, pepper, various healthy herbs, and spices Check!

Your Food Choices are Our Food Choices

Hold the rice, please?! No worries.  Again – we have you covered. And don’t worry if a dish on the menu includes something you can’t eat. We can easily modify that for you. Let’s start with our appetizers and Small Dishes. Right away, a couple of tuna dishes stand out: Tuna Tartare and the Tuna Tataki.

keto asian foods

KETO Dish #1:  Tuna Tartare

Features chopped tuna with scallions and avocado over a bed of mixed greens.

KETO Dish #2:  Tuna Tataki

Features 8 slices of sushi grade tuna, lightly seasoned and seared, and served with scallions

The Wok Is a Keto-Lover’s Dream

The Fusion Wok section of our menu is filled with so many Keto-friendly Asian fusion dishes. You can start with chicken or beef and add all kinds of tasty and healthy vegetables. Again, we can prepare or modify any dish to your liking.  

KETO Dish #3:  Mongolian

Features tasty Mongolian beef with onions, scallions, red bell peppers

KETO Dish #4:  Broccoli Ginger

Features fresh broccoli and ginger with your choice of meat: beef or chicken, along with carrots, scallions

Keto-Approved Sushi

Ahhhhh- the joys of eating of raw fish. From our Hand Rolls to our Sashimis or Nigiris, sushi rules in our food kingdom. And can we talk Keto-approved sushi? It’s right there on our menu. Salmon and avocado, two popular approved Keto foods play a major role in our sushi and other dishes.

KETO Dishes #5, #6, and #7:  Sashimis or Nigiris

Can feature salmon, tuna, or white fish

KETO Dish #8:  TNT Roll

Features salmon, avocado, seaweed salad

Riceless Rolls? Yes, Please!

Now – here’s the Keto bonus section of our menu: Riceless Rolls! Our Sexy Roll features salmon, while Whitefish takes center stage in our Suzuki Roll. It’s all good!

KETO Dish #9:  Sexy Roll

Features salmon, carrot noodles, avocado, scallions.

KETO Dish #10:  Susuki Roll

Features white fish, red tuna, avocado, scallions.

Guilty Pleasures Without the Guilt

Now you see just how easy it is to dine with us here at Sukhothai in South Beach while staying on your Keto diet plan. Dieters and non-dieters alike will love our Asian Fusion offerings with a Latin twist.  It’s Thai food at its best! Here’s to healthy eating!