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Hotter Than Wasabi: Spicy Asian-Fusion Dishes

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Hot and spicy – two words that best describe Wasabi, one of the most popular condiments used in Japanese cooking in moderation.  That’s because it’s hot – really HOT! Here at Sukhothai in South Beach, that’s just one of the ingredients that add fuel to the spicy flavors found in some of our dishes.

What is Wasabi?

Wasabi derives from the wasabi plant, native to Japan, and is traditionally served with raw fish (sushi or sashimi).  The plant species is called Wasabi japonica, which is related to the plant family of horseradish and mustard.  Wasabi paste, also called Japanese horseradish is among the top ingredients that give sushi an extra kick.

Fortunately for you, here and at Sukhothai and most sushi and Japanese restaurants here in the United States (U.S.), we serve a modified, “cooled down” version of wasabi. Even that one can clear your nostrils instantly. If you’ve ever tasted the green paste, you know exactly what we’re talking about. That’s why we strongly suggest you use a chopstick when you eat wasabi with sushi to get the smallest portion possible.

spicy asian american fusion dishes

We Serve It Up Spicy

We have a number of spicy Asian foods on our eclectic menu.  With names like Kamikaze Roll, TNT Roll, Dragon Roll, Spider Roll, and Sexy Roll, you know your taste buds are in for a spicy, tasty good time! In addition to wasabi, other dishes that turn up the flavor and heat include Sriracha (pronounced see-ROTCH-ah) chili sauce, spicy mayo sauce, peppers, and ginger. You’ll find one or more of those ingredients in our hot and spicy Asian dishes.

Variety is the Spice of Life

We know that spice is not for everyone, which is why you can choose from a variety of impressive chic dishes on our menu –  Sushi combinations and Asian fusion dishes with a Latin twist, that everyone will enjoy. Come in and discover why so many people are raving about our Asian fusion dishes and more. Check out our Famous Pad Thai, Singapore Style Curry, and Caribbean Fried Rice. Our Hand Rolls and Sushi Tacos are amazing. We also feature Riceless Rolls, for those of you counting carbs. The dishes from our Fusion Wok section, such as Crispy Orange Peel, Broccoli Ginger, and Teriyaki, can be served with your choice of either chicken or fried tofu and veggies. You can also order a salad or one of our grand desserts.

Turn Up the Heat with Spicy Asian Food

But back to the heat. When you’re ready to turn up the heat, and you’re craving some hot and spicy Asian food, visit us here at Sukhothai in South Beach. Think Asian Fusion with a Latin twist.

Come to South Beach and dine with us here at Sukhothai Miami Beach. Feel free to order in advance, right here on our website. And don’t forget to sign up for deals. We’ll see you soon!