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Kid-Friendly Asian Dishes in Miami Beach

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Getting kids to try new foods and flavors is like having them brush their teeth every night before bedtime. They whine, whimper and cry, and even plead sickness if you push them too far. Parents go the extra mile to create silly songs and fun games to get their kids to brush their teeth, and the same can be said about urging them to eat new things that don’t rhyme with eatsa.  

The trick is finding foods they like to eat and play with, like noodles and rice. And what better than kid-friendly Asian dishes which are fun to eat? Bonus: they are jam-packed full of color and flavor, not to mention the healthy ingredients, which are camouflaged by tasty sauces and served so elegantly moms and dads will also find appealing.

Family Friendly Dining Right off Miami Beach

Finding the perfect family restaurant is part of the adventure, and Miami Beach, Florida, is the place to be. It’s no surprise that this trendy, historical and quirky district is one of the most popular hot spots in the world. And if you want to experience the city’s vibrant culture and diverse Asian cuisine, there is no better spot than Sukhothai Restaurant. We offer a kid-friendly menu that features a variety of delectable choices.

kid friendly miami beachKids Love Noodles!

Hands down, kids’ all-time favorite are the noodle bowls, and we have three great choices for them to choose from:

SINGAPORE STYLE CURRYThin rice noodles sautéed with yellow curry, eggs, onions, red bell peppers, carrots, bean sprouts, scallions, and sesame seeds.

LO MEIN – Thick egg noodles sautéed in a special soy and sweet sesame oil sauce with carrots, onions, bean sprouts, scallions, and sesame seeds. 

THE FAMOUS PAD THAI – Rice linguine noodles sautéed with your protein in our amazing spicy Thai sweet and sour sauce, paprika, eggs, bean sprouts, and scallions. Served with cilantro, peanuts, and lime.

To Children, Rice is Nice!

Another kid-friendly option is the Special Fried Rice. A staple in the Asian kitchen that’s cooked to perfection in the wok, kids will ask for seconds when they taste this traditional fried rice. Sautéed in soy sauce with bean sprouts, carrots broccoli, scallions, egg, and sesame seeds, this is the perfect family meal. Kids love this filling, colorful, Asian dish. And really, what’s not to love?

Kid-Friendly Desserts

And speaking of love, what kids don’t love dessert? The dessert menu at Sukhothai is simply superb. Kids will go banana for the Crispy Banana Tempura, which consists of a deep fried banana served with Nutella, almond slices and a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream. Or, the Cookies and Cream Tempura, the perfect delight, where you have Oreo cookies deep fried in tempura batter, served with Nutella, condensed milk and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. And then, there’s the Thai Donuts with condensed milk and ice cream, the Mochi ice cream served in three assorted flavors, the Matcha Cheesecake, and the mother of all deserts… the Brownie a la Mode—a warm chocolate chip brownie with Nutella and vanilla ice cream. Double Yum!

Stop By Sukhothai Today

At Sukhothai, we offer delicious fusion food, without the fancy prices, here in hot, trendy South Beach. Stop by and see us, and get the best Asian Fusion without the fuss: Sukhothai is the go-to causal sushi spot. Give us a call at 305-534-4331 todaywe look forward to serving your entire family!