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The Most Instagrammable Spots in South Beach

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Beautiful beach adorned with sprawling palm trees and beautiful people. Art deco hotels. And don’t forget the amazing sunsets. What is there not to like about South Beach?  Not surprisingly, pictures taken in South Beach are a popular theme on social media, especially on Instagram. It’s one of the most photographed parts of Miami.

Say, Cheese! In South Beach, or Not…

Whether you’re cheesing it up for the cameras or giving a more demure, alluring look, there are plenty of Instagram-worthy, South Beach hotspots you can use as a background for your pictures. South Beach is the southernmost part of Miami Beach – 2.5 miles of scenic action. And there are so many amazing spots here, and just nearby that will definitely wow your Followers.

SPOT #1: Ocean Drive

Situated just across from the beach, is popular Ocean Drive. It’s one of the most famous boulevards in Miami, some say – the world. It’s also one of, if not the most Instagrammable spots in South Beach.  Roughly 1.3 miles long, this bustling street, lined with amazing, historic art deco hotels and restaurants/bars are always hopping. The street is also home to one of the most photographed houses in the country: the residence of famed Italian fashion designer, Gianni Versace. Your post inspiration starts right here.

SPOT #2: Wynwood

Wynwood is located just across the bay from Miami Beach. It’s filled with art galleries, restaurants, and pure inspiration. Beautiful murals – LOTS of them, line the Wynwood neighborhood. This is where creativity reigns. Unlimited picture-taking possibilities.

SPOT #3: Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

Stunning. This best describes this national historic landmark, located on Biscayne Bay.  Beautiful artwork, architect, and of course acres of Italian Renaissance gardens. Gorgeous!  Let’s just say that you will be faced with tough decisions when visiting Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. Where to begin? There are so many incredible backdrops for pictures, on this grand estate. Your pictures will make your Instagram posts, bloom. Pun intended.  

SPOT #4: Perez Art Museum

The Perez Art Museum, Miami’s flagship art museum features modern and contemporary pieces. You’re going to love the life-size sculptures. But you’ll also find amazing views of Biscayne Bay, and beautiful, picture-perfect, hanging gardens. #photosofinstagram

SPOT #5: Sukhothai in South Beach

Why, of course, Sukhothai in South Beach is one of the most Instagrammable spots in South Beach! And the stars of our Instagram show are actually our delectable, photogenic, amazing, dishes or edible works of art. Hello, Food Porn! Yeah, it’s like that. Our food tastes amazing, and it’s also beautiful to look at it.

A multitude of popping colors, and a myriad of textures- enticing dishes, drenched in flavor. Food bloggers, influencers, and customers alike enjoy posting pictures of our various photogenic, and of course, very tasty dishes. You can actually see the flavor, and smell the aromas in their photos. Pictures of our dishes take #foodporn to another level!

Eat and Post

Plan to stop by and visit us and feel free to take a selfie or two – or take pictures of your dish and post them. We like that because after all, Sukhothai is one of the best spots to take Instagram photos. We’re Sukhothai in South Beach. We offer the best Thai food, that’s Asian Fusion with a Latin twist. #yummy   And don’t forget to Follow us on Instagram and tag us in your photos. We’ll see you soon!