History of Pad Thai

All You Need to Know About the Famous Pad Thai

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Pad Thai is a classic dish made of stir-fried rice noodles. Pad Thai is the national dish of Thailand, but it is also a worldwide favorite. Part of what makes the famous Pad Thai a mainstay for many Asian restaurants is its zest and spiciness.

What Ingredients are in Pad Thai

Pad Thai is a dish that allows you to savor five different flavors simultaneously—salty, spicy, sweet, sour, and bitter. This dish is light, fresh, and exotic. Typically, Pad Thai is made with stir-fried noodles mixed with vegetables, chicken, beef, shrimp or tofu. Spicy Thai sweet and sour sauce, palm sugar, bean sprouts, scallions, cilantro, fresh lime, fish sauce, tamarind paste, and peanuts are also added.

A wok-scrambled egg and a pile of bean sprouts are also part of most versions of Pad Thai. In authentic Thai cuisine, the dish is almost always prepared with dried shrimp and tofu, and a generous heap of prawns can be added for added taste.

From Bangkok to Brooklyn, chefs add their own signature to the sauce, making it spicier or sweeter. If your mouth is frothing from merely reading the description, you are not alone.

Pad Thai for Beginners

Well-known as a popular Thai street food, Pad Thai — or kway teow as it’s called in Thailand, is engrained in the country’s culture. Family recipes are passed down from generation to generation. Pad Thai, while touted for its flavor, is also nutritious, thanks to its protein, vegetables, and bean sprouts.

The History of Pad Thai

The entrée’s origins are difficult to trace, but many believe Pad Thai is not from Thailand. It bears more similarity to Chinese Cuisine than Thai cuisine. It is believed the dish was introduced by Chinese traders or immigrants and evolved to reflect traditional Thai flavors.

During the second world war, Thailand experienced a shortage of rice, but rice noodles were not hard to find, presenting a cheap and filling option. The Thai government, under Prime Minister Plaek Phibunsongkhram, promoted the dish, to establish a Thai identity while the country changed its name from Siam to Thailand.

Pad Thai’s Popularity

Pad Thai’s wide range of flavors seems to have something for everyone, making it appealing to a wide variety of palettes. The dish is tastier than pizza, cheeseburgers, lasagna, fried chicken, and ice cream, according to a CNN poll conducted on Facebook with more than 35,000 votes.

Pad Thai at Sukhothai

At Sukhothai, our Pad Thai consists of rice linguine noodles sautéed with a protein of your choice, in our amazing spicy Thai sweet and sour sauce, paprika, eggs, bean sprouts, and scallions. We serve it with cilantro, lime, and peanuts. Enjoying one of your favorite Thai dishes is more convenient than you think.

With more than ten years of creating delicious meals including sushi tacos, Dynamite Wakame salad, and noodle bowls, Sukhothai is a favorite among Asian fusion fans in South Florida. Our delectable desserts, including crispy banana tempura, matcha cheesecake, and Thai donuts,

keep our guests coming back for more. Visit our Miami Beach restaurant today and try one of our mouthwatering dishes today.


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