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Reasons to Leave Sukothai Stir Fry Cooking to the Pros

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Let’s talk good food – especially Thai food. There’s nothing better than enjoying a delicious, Asian Fusion stir fry meal at your favorite restaurant. You crave those popping flavors long after you’ve left the restaurant.  One day, you decide you’re going to duplicate the stir-fry dish at home. You Google “best stir fry recipes” and some really good-looking dishes pop up. You choose one of them and prepare to become a super-chef in your kitchen. You are ready! Sorry to tell you this, but even if you try very hard, you won’t be able to duplicate our amazing stir fry dishes in the comfort of your own kitchen. That’s best left to the pros – our talented chefs!

Required Ingredients Are Crucial

One of the things that makes our stir fry dishes so delicious is that we start with fresh ingredients, which should be easy to come across for you as well. But what may become a big challenge is finding all of the required ingredients. Depending on where you live, some of the ingredients may not be available. That’s just the beginning. We also cook with some ingredients that give our food an extra spicy kick.

cooking stir fryHard to Duplicate Sauces

You must admit, we make some of the best sauces on the planet. Sometimes, we amaze ourselves at the combinations that make up our delectable sauces. We make many of our sauces with plants native to Japan. You can follow a recipe to the “T”, and yet, you won’t be able to do what we do here.

The Magical Wok

Our deliciousness goes beyond our ingredients and spices. We stir fry in the uniquely-shaped wok, which is perhaps the most important cooking tool in Asian cooking and is healthier than using a frying pan. It involves pushing food up onto the side of the wok, which allows extra oil to drain from the food. This also allows you to easily toss, stir, and move food around.  You may have a wok at home, but are you using it properly? It’s definitely an acquired skill, which our talented chefs have mastered.

Back Away from Your Stove

For authentic and delicious stir fry dishes to satisfy your palette, come and join us for a tasty meal, and leave stir fry cooking to the pros. Come and enjoy the best stir fry in Miami Beach. Allow us to cook for you. We serve up delicious Asian Fusion meals with a Latin twist. It’s Thai food at its absolute best! And, we make it convenient for you to enjoy our food. Call us at (305) 534-4331 and place an order or you can order your dish online. Take it to go and pretend you cooked it yourself in case you’re trying to impress someone. Now there’s an idea! Enjoy.