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Ring in the Chinese New Year at an Asian Fusion Restaurant

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Happy Chinese New Year South Florida! Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year, is a celebration that evokes images of colorful costumes and festive dancing. If you are planning on celebrating this fantastic time of the year, here’s why you should ring in the Chinese New Year at an Asian-Fusion restaurant like Sukhothai.

What Is the Chinese New Year?

Celebrated on the Lunar New Year – this year falling on February 5 – Chinese New Year is a festival celebrating the start of a new year under the traditional Chinese calendar. Chinese New Year was traditionally a time when the Chinese took time out to honor their ancestors, as well as their deities.  Today, Chinese New Year often conjures images in the mind of dancing dragons, colorful Chinese lanterns filling the sky, and delicious Chinese dishes.

When Is Chinese New Year Celebrated?

I know what you are probably saying, “You already told us that Chinese New Year is celebrated on the 5th this year!” But many people don’t realize that the Chinese New Year festivities aren’t just one day. In fact, they last quite a long time. The celebrations last from New Year’s Day (February 5) right up through the Lantern Festival, which falls on February 19 this year, meaning you have a full two-weeks to celebrate all things Chinese! The Lantern Festival – which has been observed for more than 2,000 years – is the most important festival in the Chinese calendar, marking the first full moon and the return of springtime.

when is chinese new yearWhy You Should Ring in the Chinese New Year at Sukhothai

Why should you celebrate the Chinese New Year’s at Sukhothai?  There are a number of different New Year celebrations across Asia. Different cultures, especially the Vietnamese and traditionally the Japanese cultures, honor theirs at the same time as the Chinese. Dining at an Asian-fusion restaurant like Sukhothai allows you to celebrate all of these cultures at the same time!

There are a variety of delicious dishes which are closely related to the Chinese New Year celebrations. One of the most popular Chinese dishes during the Lunar New Year (or any time for that matter) is the humble Spring Roll. Featuring a delicious medley of vegetables and fried to golden perfection, they are the perfect light snack or start to any meal.

Noodles also play an important roll in the Chinese New Year. Noodles symbolize a wish for a long, healthy life. At Sukhothai, we offer a wide array of noodle dishes from a number of different culinary traditions, meaning you can celebrate the beauty – and deliciousness – of all Asian cultures and the New Year in one stop!

Celebrate With Sukhothai

So, why should you celebrate the Chinese New Year’s at Sukhothai?  At Sukhothai, we offer delicious fusion food, without the fancy prices here in hot, trendy South Beach. Stop by and see us, and get the best Asian Fusion without the fuss. Sukhothai is the go-to causal sushi spot. Give us a call at 305-534-4331 today. We look forward to serving your entire family!