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Six Great Perks of Wok Food

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Can we talk about an amazingly tasty, healthy, way of blending ethnic cuisines? Without question – food cooked in a wok, the most important cooking tool in Asian restaurants, can be extremely healthy. Cooks in China started using them some 2,000 years ago. Do you have to wonder why they’re still popular everywhere, today? Woks are everything! And they’re the perfect vehicle to fresh, delicious food – prepared quickly. Can we talk Asian Fusion with a Latin kick?  Latin Asian Food cooked in a seasoned wok – Yum! Does wok food get any better than that?

And that’s what you’ll find at Sukhothai, a chic Sushi and Asian fusion restaurant in Miami Beach. Our menu is filled with Asian fusion, pad-Thai, sushi, and vegetarian options- and yes—much of which is cooked in a wok, a healthy alternative to the traditional frying pan. There are many benefits to cooking with a wok, but we’re going to focus on six great perks of wok food.

Perk #1: Wok Cooking is Healthier Than Frying Food in a Pan

Wok cooking, or stir-frying is definitely one of the healthiest ways to prepare food. Let’s start with the curved shape of the pan, which changes the cooking process, itself.  Chefs push the foods up the sides of the wok, and this allows the extra oil to drain from the food. Woks are also great for steaming or braising.

Perk #2: Wok Cooking Evenly Distributes Your Food

Some dishes require higher heat and faster cooking, and woks are excellent when it comes to high heat retention.  And the design of the bowl-shaped wok not only allows for cooking with the upper metal part of the pan it also enables chefs to quickly and easily toss, stir, and move foods around, ensuring even cooking.

Perk #3: Wok Food Cooking Requires Less Oil

Think – hearty-healthy. The wok doesn’t require a lot of oil, and because of that, vegetables retain a crisp, crunchy texture, while the meats and seafood do not absorb large amounts of oil.  In Chinese cooking, chefs traditionally use oils with a high smoke point, such as peanut oil, sesame oil, vegetable oil or soybean oil.

Perk #4: Wok Cooking Is Quick

A wok is perfect for creating healthy meals in a relatively short period, thanks to its high heat, along with the wok’s huge diameter and shape, which allows Chefs to cook a large amount of food. And if the dish includes meat or heavy vegetables, Chefs usually start with those items first – putting them into the hot oil and minutes later will move them up on the side of the wok before adding the lighter ingredients.

Perk #5: Wok Cooking Makes Food More Visually Appealing

This brings to mind the term – #foodporn. The heating process in stir-frying naturally brings out the colors in vegetables, making them even more colorful and vibrant.  We love the fact that our dishes are visually appealing and have been called, “works of art.”

Perk #6: Wok Food Yields Tastier Dishes

We use the freshest ingredients, along with various ethnic spices, to create our healthy, delicious dishes. The flavors are addictive!

Our Fresh, Tasty Foods Mesh Well with Your Healthy Lifestyle

Our restaurant and delicious menu fit perfectly with your health goals and busy lifestyle. Who has time to spend hours in a kitchen, when you can be out conquering life and creating something grand?  Leave the cooking to us. That’s our specialty!

So, when you’re looking for healthy Chinese food or healthy Asian food with a Latin flair – think Asian-Fusion and come to our table. In addition to our fresh, flavorful meals, we also feature ten types of rare beers and excellent desserts you can’t find anywhere else!

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