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Three Original Ways to Impress Your Tinder Date

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So, you’ve met that special someone on Tinder. You may have taken it further than simply swiping right. You may have even pushed the blue star, indicating that you really like them. You “super like” them. This person really impressed you. Nice! And now it’s time for you to impress them with an amazing dining experience.

Romantic Gesture #1: Start the Day with Clues

Begin the day by sending your date hints or clues of what’s in store for the night. Look for pictures of various dishes served in other countries – Russia, India, Cuba, Thailand, for example – and send them throughout the day with a little note, ending with Thai food. You might also have chopsticks in an Asian-influenced gift bag, delivered to their home.  Here’s another idea – have a bakery make a fortune cookie, and put your own special message inside. You got this!

Romantic Gesture #2: Order for Them

You’ve spent hours chatting with this person. You know their likes, dislikes, all of their favorites: movies, books, types of dog, singes or groups, TV shows, food (Thai, of course). You’ve combed through their social media accounts. You feel you really know this person, and you’re bringing them to Sukhothai for a romantic dinner in Miami. It’s now time to surprise them by ordering for them.

dinner for first tinder date.Appetizers & Small Dishes: Entice Your Date’s Appetite

Here are suggestions to get you started. Whether this is the first date or not, when you come to Sukhothai, you have to start out slow (and at the beginning), with our appetizers and small dishes. Wet your date’s appetite with our delicious Miso Soup: tofu with scallions and seaweed, in a light soybean broth. If you like, you can add chicken dumpling and vegetables. Yum!

Entrees: Variety is the Spice of Life

Now comes the hard part – what to order as a main dish. There are so many excellent choices on our menu.  You already know how much your date loves salmon, so how about our Salmon Special Roll? That’s a salmon, avocado and cream cheese roll, topped with salmon, avocado and wakame seaweed salad, masago and sesame seeds. Delight their taste buds!  One of our Riceless Rolls, the Sexy Roll, will make your date blush. Our Famous Pad Thai is also a fan favorite, along with our Hand Rolls, Classic Rolls, and Sashimis. And don’t forget to turn up the heat by occasionally feeding your date. Show off your romantic skills!

Desserts: Delectable Sweets for Your New Sweetie

You can’t go wrong with ordering chocolate. Try our Brownie a La Mode – a warm chocolate-chip brownie with Nutella & vanilla ice cream. Or, you can have fun with our Cookies and Cream Tempura – Oreo cookies deep fried in tempura batter served with Nutella, condensed milk and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Either of those should do the trick.

Romantic Gesture #3: Party Through the Night on the Beach

We’re conveniently located near the beach. After dinner, plan to take your date to Ocean Drive, enjoy the ocean breeze, and become part of the exciting nightlife. A perfect end to an amazing night that started at Sukhothai, one of the best Miami Beach restaurants. Feel free to call us in advance and let us know it’s a special date night. We’re here to help make your night extraordinary.