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Top 6 Influential Miami Food Bloggers You Need to Follow

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There are few cities that come to mind when you think of inspiring food and impactful flavors, but Miami is definitely one of them. The cultural hodgepodge is the perfect scene for food bloggers seeking unique plates and mouth-watering combinations. We’re all searching for that perfect first-date restaurant or place to catch up with some old friends over delicious drinks and dessert. Fortunately, these top 6 influential Miami food bloggers have got you covered.

The Naughty Fork

Sam Schnur has developed a cult following of over 680,000 people. Her love for all things cheesy and chocolatey hits home with her followers who count on her for the latest inside scoop on fabulous Miami food. Whether it’s sushi or macaroni balls, Sam’s love for food is totally relatable (and reliable).

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Miami Food Porn

Miami Food Porn provides a scandalous taste of Miami’s best restaurants. Luckily for us, this food blogger posts captivating photos of fun food and the most original plates you’ve ever seen. From confetti funnel cake to sushi tostones, Miami Food Porn covers all ends of the food spectrum.

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The Food-E

Is there anything better than being a food-e? Probably not. This Miami food blogger is passionate about eating, of course, and content creation. With a stunning feed full of vibrant avocado pizza and crispy spring rolls, you’re going to regret not giving this page a follow.

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Succulent Bite

Nico, the man behind Succulent Bite, has gone viral for his love of sharing and experiencing good times with good food. With over 300,000 followers, we can guarantee Nico is a trusted source for your next date night. One trend we’ve noticed on his page – chocolate. If you’re a chocolate lover, hit the follow button as soon as possible.

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Miami Food Pug

Yep, you read that right. The Miami Food Pug is one of Miami’s most sensational food bloggers. This may disappoint you, but the couple doesn’t actually own a pug. However, they promise to get one once they move apartments. This couple, Geoffrey and Dianne, fill their feed with savory ramen and sugar-coated donuts every food lover will want to try.

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Mdoughw Eats

As a 2017 Zagat winner of the Top 100 Food Instagrammers in the U.S, Mdoughw Eats is a trusted food resource across America. This Miami food blogger is giving us a glimpse into her love for pastrami sandwiches and luxurious truffle fettuccine.

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