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Unexpected Dishes to Bring to Thanksgiving Dinner This Year

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It’s time to talk menu for Thanksgiving, which of course is just around the corner.  And no, we’re not talking turkey. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with tradition, but how cool would it be to mix it up a bit, and pepper the table with some tasty Asian fusion delights?  Whether you’re hosting the Thanksgiving dinner or you’re one of the lucky invited guests bringing a dish, we have something for you. We’re going to give you some ideas on unexpected dishes to bring to Thanksgiving dinner this year – Sukhothai Miami Beach -style.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Our taste buds and food preferences are very eclectic these days, which is why, when there’s a group of people involved, you have to think variety – offering different food choices. Think about your tribe. Surely either you or someone in your circle is either plant-based, vegan, vegetarian, a fish-loving pescatarian, following the paleo diet or the keto diet. We bet someone right now is searching the internet for – good keto diet Thanksgiving dishes to share. Is someone allergic to fish? No worries – we can accommodate everyone’s cravings and desires, including those determined to stick to their diets while dining on a holiday. We have many healthy Asian dishes on our menu, here at Sukhothai.

Try the Best Thanksgiving Party Platter

Now – let’s dig in and see what a Sukhothai party platter could look like. We’ll start with everyone’s favorite – and our contribution to “tradition”- spring/vegetable rolls and egg rolls and go from there.  Keeping in line with our Asian fusion dishes with a Latin twist, we can add our Dynamite Tostones to the mix – a sandwich of green plantains with avocado, “krab” salad, torched salmon, and spicy and cilantro mayo – YUM!

Let’s not forget Gyoza: steam or fried chicken or pork dumplings, or shrimp tempura. We can even throw in some sushi tacos – really! Our vegan fusion tacos could make non-vegans go vegan!

Thanksgiving Sushi, Anyone?

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without Thanksgiving sushi, right? Our cone-shaped hand rolls or Temaki are amazing! In case you didn’t know, Maki is basically rolled sushi, wrapped in Nori (seaweed). Our menu features salmon, avocado, tuna, and more types hand rolls, from which to choose for your party platter.

Of course, we can add in some our classic rolls: California roll, spicy tuna roll, chicken roll, and veggie roll, for starters. Now – on to the star of the platter and some of the best sushi rolls to try: our Special Sushi Rolls. With names like Kamikaze, Kamasutra, Tiger and Spider rolls, you know your taste buds will be in for a good time! We also offer “riceless” rolls. As we mentioned earlier- there’s something for everyone.

Come in and Try Our Delicious Sushi

We have a great idea! You still have a bit of time to make this happen before Thanksgiving. Why don’t you stop by, and, if you haven’t already done so — check out some of our amazing sushi rolls and other dishes on our menu?  This will help you decide what to include on your Sukhothai party platter. But be sure to let us know your plans, in advance. We look forward to giving you more ideas on unexpected dishes to bring to Thanksgiving dinner this year. We can’t offer turkey or traditional dressing but trust us – your taste buds will be delighted!

Join Us for Lunch or Dinner

In the meantime, when craving delicious sushi and Asian Fusion dishes, stop by for lunch or dinner – or you can order online or call us and place your order.  We’ll see you soon!